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Spiritual CD :


I created this CD with the intention of offering a "musical cocoon" to listeners, a soothing soundtrack with a relaxing atmosphere.  These melodies act as a tuning fork, inviting the listener to rest and retreat from the hubbub of life, and they generate a haven of peace and luminous vibrations.

Marie Louise

In my process of creating, there is a "musical conscious trance" that informs the interpretation of the melody, an experience beyond words or cognitive knowing. Like a rain of Light that comes to me from beyond the subtle worlds, there are vibrational energies and harmonies which touch the depths of my being.  These songs can offer you the same experience, and accompany you on a journey to visit your inner worlds, guiding you to the vast heart of your being.

The graphic design of the angel (front cover) has been offered graciously by Mary Guarino, painting artist.

Songs Titles included on the CD:

1. Invocation (15 :23) (sample)
2. Immersion (15 :15)
3. Tambourin (15 :35) (sample)
4. Nature (11 50)
5. Grâce (15 :28) (sample)

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Ascension CD


“This meditation was given to me to honour the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energy of CREATION and also to enhance the level of Light of our DNA. My regular group meditation participated in the chanting part of this meditation offering their voice to sing the sacred mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, the mantra of the Buddha of compassion.  This meditation is now offered to you for the greater good of humanity, in these times of constant evolution. You may participate actively in the birthing of a new world by simply allowing to open your consciousness to your Higher Self. As a guidance, this meditation offers one of the many paths to embrace your Light. May this tool serve the greater good for humankind”.

Marie Louise Roy

1. Ascension

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

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Divine Meditation CD

Divine Vibration

The musical path of Mme Roy translates itself by her opening to vibration chanting that elevates the soul. In this CD she is offering some of her musical composition and also classical sacred music. « Music comes to us as a bridge to unknown realities of ourselves : A DIVINE VIBRATION,  to open a passageway towards new octaves, more celestial. This is the musical context of this album. I dedicate this CD to all the women of my lineage, those who have express themselves a little or a lot; those that have dared to sing beyond their  church tower.  For them I am signing in those sacred places.

Those place, usually conceived on sacred geometry proportions, serve as resonators to the human voice and act as tuning forks for the body, touching our being profoundly, down to the soul. Then, music acts as a bridge towards eternity ».

Songs Titles included on the CD:

1. Ave Maria ( 3 :16) M.L. Roy (extrait sonore)
2. A New Begining (3 :36) M.L. Roy (extrait sonore)
3 Vergin Tutto Amor (3 :12) F. Durante
4 Ave Maria (2 :59) Gounod / D. Lepage
5 Panis Angelicus (3 :44) C. Franck
6 Mon Âme (6 :05) M.L. Roy
7 Amasing Grace (3 :52) Traditional
8 Ava Maria (3 :12) V. Steppan (extrait sonore)
9 Ave Maria (4 :42) G. Caccini (extrait sonore)
10 Ave Maria (2 :46) Gounod
11 Ave Maria (6:10) F. Shubert
12 O Viridissima Virga (6 :21) H. Von Bingen (extrait sonore)
13 Invocation (15 :27) M.L. Roy (extrait sonore)

Agenda plus (Belgium)
This album is offered to us as a passageway  to other celestial realm. A divine vibration to bring us to higher octaves of life. The 13 songs  offers some classical sacred songs and new compositions including an Ave Maria in Japanese.

Journal Nord Info (region of Montreal)
A high voice, accompanied by long harp arpeggio  and other instruments, compared to the sound of humpback whales to sing the Ave Maria,  this is how we can too briefly summarise Marie Louise Roy’s  CD Divine Vibration, whose personal path is lives with a constant spiritual search.

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infinie lumière meditation CD

sound sample (click)

CD Infinie Lumière (French)

Through a visualisation in the Light, this meditation offers you a voyage through the organs and glands of your body, to bring forth a new consciousness that activates your body’s energies. When done regularly, on a daily basis, this meditation brings the body into a profound relaxation state, which  can help to facilitate regeneration through the awakening of cellular memory.

This meditation is born from the golden Light, symbol of regeneration, and brings the body to a place of openness and profound relaxation. This meditation awakens our consciousness and broadens our inner vision of life. Guided by the forces of Creation, I have practiced this meditation daily and it has changed my life.

Marie Louise Roy has explored meditation for more than ten years.  From Kryia yoga to Merkaba meditation, she  was inspired to bring forth this meditation to offer a new tool to awaken a transformation process that causes the body’s energies to circulate in an optimal way.

Comments on the CD Infinie Lumière

Yves Ducharmes, Aura Music, October 2001
Infinie Lumière is an extraordinary guided meditation which is amazingly efficient for those who choose to practice it  on a regular basis. I have personally listened to it during seven consecutive days in order to give particular attention to each of the seven major cakras. I have personally experienced the beneficial effects of this meditation on a cellular and energetic level, I recommend it to everybody. This meditation can also be done with a group.

Guide Ressource, (2002)
Here is an original CD, which exclusively features the feminine voice, with a lot of silences between the words, allowing the listener to visualise and feel the suggestions of this 46 minutes meditation. We are then brought into a voyage through our bodies, going through the organs and the glands. This meditation  broadens the bodily awareness to help cellular regeneration. Within the first minutes, we can feel the efficiency of the processes and we are compelled to come back to this meditation to be within sacred contact with ourselves.

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CD de méditation infinie lumière

To the Heart of the Earth (English)

This musical CD, inspired through the spiritual path of Marie Louise Roy, offers her understanding of Life’s significance. Interpreting her own songs, she offers sacred music that touches our souls profoundly and brings us to an  unknown inner spaces that vibrates with Mother Earth.  You need to listen to her songs to understand the global awareness of this album that offers musical relaxation and an encounter with our inner Self.

This CD is dedicated to our beautiful planet Mother Earth and a percentage of the profits goes to the GREMM (for the benefit of whales).

Song Titles included on the CD:


Yves Ducharmes, Aura Music:
After “Infinie Lumière” (very nice meditation), Marie Louise Roy presents a CD of an exceptional quality: The lyrics are magnificent, her angelic voice is accompanied by Robert Lafond, the genius behind Patrick Bernatd’s CD “Atlantis Angelis” and “Solaris Univrsalis”.  I introduced Marie Louise to Robert Lafond and the results are obvious: a pure enchantment for the ears and a balm for the soul.

François Paré, Paré (CJPX 99.5 FM):
I have listened to your CD with interest and much pleasure. I have found your path very noble, coherent and seductive.. Your CD is of the calibre of  Loreena McKennitt and Maire Brennan’s recordings. If by any chance the radio station opens a door for this type of music, be certain that your CD will be in my priority play list. “ I like very much your way of signing : “entrancing “

Agenda Plus (Belgium)
This Quebec author of the books Paroles Angéliques (Ed. Louise Courteau) was inspired to create this first musical album in which she shares her love for the planet (words in English).

Ankaradia Musik
A new CD in the new age music genre..  Profound messages on the soul’s evolution and the  healing of the earth with an homage to the whales. The interpretation is given by a new artist in the music field, Marie Louise Roy, who, inspired by her life’s experience, offers her musical inspiration for the betterment of the planet.

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