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A voice to listen to

We are universal beings filled with love, kindness and wisdom. When we incarnated, we forgot this truth. Fear, related wounds and  expectation of others have caused us to lose this wide vision of Life. We live in a material form. To remember this is a must on the path to regain our totality. Each atom of consciousness in our veins introduces us to the universal wisdom : each cell of our physical body has the capacity to remember its original structure and remodel itself to image of its original template.

Ankaradia Communications promotes tools which enable people to walk their spiritual path and opens new paths towards unity of our divine existence with the universality of Life in all its manifestations.

Ankaradia Communication was born in 1995 after Marie Louise Roy received a series of teachings from a  higher level of consciousness. Inspired by those teachings, she later wrote three books which presented these teachings to the world. (Série Paroles Angéliques, tomes #1, #2 et #3) (not yet translated in English).  She then developed  some enlightening tools through meditation (CD « Infinie Lumière » available in French), training and workshops based on psycho-genealogy in the family lineage; the self healing capacity of the body; and the creative career transformation based on the needs of the soul. Her overflowing creativity then took her on a musical path, creating sacred music with vibrational impact. This inspired her to launch a compact disk for the healing of the earth .« To the Heart of the Earth » was born.

You may purchase Marie Louise Roy spiritual meditation CD and books in our online shop.