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Creative Coaching Workshops

The training and workshops were developed in an interactive way which helps with understanding the subtle energies around us. Art therapy and descriptive games are used to  facilitate a better understanding of the brain’s functions.

These approaches move the participants to open up to their difficulties in a safe environment which respects their inner being. This atmosphere provides a healthy climate for individual and group healing at every level of one’s being. 

Soul & family lineage, training #1, 2 and 3 (click for more information)

Specialised in family lineage healing approaches, Marie Louise expertly teaches us how to uncover our most hidden family lineage treasures so that we may find the tools to release our limitations and to realize our full potential. During the workshops, fundamental aspects of the family dynamics will be explored through the emotional labyrinth. Themes include family life, security, confidence, illusionary perceptions of the brain, opening to forgive, and self love.  These will be the foundation and anchoring tools which will help individuals to maximise the “luminous heritage of the ancestors” and to serve their creative potential.

Embodying our Divine Essence New (click here)

Honouring the inner healer (click here)

Freeing one’s Creative potential (click here)

Loving for real (click here)

Individual Creative coaching (new - click here)

Redrawing our body (click here)

Creative Coaching (click here)

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